Hi, I am Marijan - a fullstack web developer. My main focus is on the Laravel framework (PHP) and Vue.js or jQuery

My developer journey started when I got a scholarship from the Algebra Open University. There I first tackled ASP.NET with C# and SQL. Afterwords I got two more scholarships from them: one for web design and one for developing web applications with PHP and MySQL.

90% of my freelance clients are returning clients requesting new features.

Fun fact

Until I got my first “actuall” job I done a few side projects. These projects helped me to find the best practices early on.
Working for a company full time I found out my career game changer- Laravel. And from then my career curve took an a steep ascending shape. I also applied to a couple of freelance websites where I met a lot of awesome clients that, as I found out in the years to come, would actually become permanent partners.
I can tackle: Any PHP framework, SaSS, task runners (gulp,npm,yarn), git, jQuery, Vue.js….
For my full skill set list or companies/projects for which I worked on see my C.V. – I will let my work do the talking!